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welcome to soulwork studio

Where you come to feel better, naturally. 

We are a dedicated team of highly qualified health and wellness practitioners, hairstylists and yoga instructors. You will leave each appointment, session or class feeling better than when you showed up.

Showing up for yourself is the first step to living an empowered, beautiful, healthy life.

Our pillars of health, well-being and growth.


Motion is lotion. Release stagnant energy. Create balance and freedom in the body. Move together.


Eat to thrive. with out depriving oneself. Nourish the cells. Improve mood, energy levels and quality of life.


Integration with the first two pillars to achieve optimal well-being. Massage the kinks out. Re-align. Talk it out.


Get a hair cut, get a crystal, hangout, enjoy some tea, pull a card. Be aware of you energy.  Give back to yourself.

Nature & Connection.

Natural lighting. Environmentally friendly, organic Products. Connect to mother earth, a community and your true nature.

Our services

Come explore your best self.


We welcome all students, from those who have never practised to those who feel like they were born on a mat. We welcome all levels from Gentle (beginner) to Tribe (all levels) to Yogi (intermediate)

Both In-Studio and Zoom classes are being offered at this time.


Come get your soulwork on!

We believe that everyone has an opportunity to grow as a wholesome, beautiful person. To help you get there, our dedicated team of Wellness Practitioners use preventative and restorative techniques with highly valuable benefits in overall wellbeing.


Transform in all dimensions.

With Organic Colour Systems, you’ll feel beautiful from the inside-out knowing we use organic, environmentally-friendly ingredients and packaging that will provide long-lasting colour without damaging effects of chemicals on your hair.

Welcome to Soulwork

Josh Terry –
Osteopathic Practitioner

Josh is currently accepting new patients and offers the option to book online. 

Spring 2021 Yoga Schedule

All classes are held at the Elora Centre for the Arts in the Gallery, or online.

For more information, please email the teachers directly.


Gentle Yoga with Lindsay
& 11:45-12:45pm

In studio & Zoom
7 week session
(No class on Easter)


Yoga with Grace

Zoom only
All levels 8 week session


Soulful Flow with Tania

In studio & Zoom
All levels 8 week session


Gentle Yoga with Miranda

In-class only
8 week session


Soulful Flow with Tania

In studio & Zoom
All levels 7 week session
(No class Easter weekend)

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COVID-19 Announcement

As you would assume the health and well being of anyone who enters Soulwork Studio is our primary concern on all levels. As Public Health continues to provide information about COVID-19, we’d like to let you know that we are open and taking this seriously. Our...

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Gratitude ATTACK!

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