Yoga Schedule
& Class Information

We welcome all students, from those who have never practised to those who feel like they were born on a mat. 

We offer many yoga styles and levels for you to try out.

Spring 2021 Yoga Schedule

All classes are held at the Elora Centre for the Arts in the Gallery, or online.

For more information, please email the teachers directly.


Gentle Yoga with Lindsay
& 11:45-12:45pm

In studio & Zoom
7 week session
(No class on Easter)


Yoga with Grace

Zoom only
All levels 8 week session


Soulful Flow with Tania

In studio & Zoom
All levels 8 week session


Gentle Yoga with Miranda

In-class only
8 week session


Soulful Flow with Tania

In studio & Zoom
All levels 7 week session
(No class Easter weekend)

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A Reminder to all in-class attendees:
Classes are now being held at the Elora Centre For The Arts in the gallery.

Yoga Styles

Gentle • Morning • Core • Strength • Yang/Yin • Soulful • Restorative • Tweens • Kids • Vinyasa • Mindful Movement

Mindful Movement

This class will help you learn how to be present in your body, increase flexibility and improve your mobility. Utilizing proper form with multi-planar, multi-joint functional movements to allow individuals we will attempt to avoid unnecessary injuries and pains for sports, general athletics or daily life activities. Attend this class regularly and you will develop a new found strength and structure with the ability to move your body with proper muscle recruitment for effortless movement  .Prepare for some major strength gains and mobility improvement as we get to play with use of body weight to optimize joint function and explore efficiency of movement.

Gentle Yoga

This class offers a slow pace, focusing on stretching and strengthening the body gradually. Reducing stress and calming the mind, this class is structured around rejuvenation and restoration of body and mind. The class is perfect for beginners or for those who are wanting to slow things down.

Kids Yoga

Using a play-based approach, yoga practices are incorporated into activities specifically designed to target where your child is at in their current development. Yoga is great for kids of all ages, as it teaches self-regulation strategies, self-awareness and self-appreciation. Yoga helps builds resilience, as well as strategies and techniques to help cope in stressful situations. Creating healthy habits young is creating a healthy habit to last a life-time!

Ashtanga Flow

This class is inspired by the Ashtanga practice which is often thought of as a modern day form of classical Indian yoga. It is a flow of poses connected with breath to create synergy in body, mind & spirit. Basic yoga poses are used to create heat and guarantee an energetic workout. Emphasis is on proper form and alignment to improve strength, balance and flexibility and modifications are offered so that beginners to experts can get the workout they desire.

Soulful Flow

This class is all about purposeful, intelligent strength development mixed with mobility work. Freedom in movement is key here. We will incorporate dynamic movements with breathe so you can stretch deeper into your practise safely. Whether this means going deeper in your asanas or mindset, we encourage you to view the practise as so much more than just the pose. 

 Move with intention, move with soul in this moderately paced flow class. This well balanced class will get you out of your head and into your body. This is an all levels class and students are encouraged to move at their own pace. 

Power Flow

In this class we will move through a series of postures that work to strengthen the core from all sides and build endurance to create a strong stable body. We will begin to explore arm balances and backbends with plenty of modifications for everyone. This class is suitable for active beginners to advanced.

Healthy Tweens

Ages 8-14

This class provides and opportunity for tweens to explore their inner self through physical activity and movement skills. The students interests and abilities will develop through forms of fitness such as stretching, creative movement, team building games and dry land training. This program also introduces various forms of relaxation with breath. The students learn about their young bodies through an enjoyment of fun fitness to a path of well being. 

Vinyasa Flow 

This fun and uplifting class provides a beautiful balance of creative flowing sun salutations as well as slowing poses down to focus on alignment and strength. It will leave you feeling energized, stronger, grounded and connected. Experience with sun salutations is beneficial as this is an intermediate class.

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Yoga Classes Held At
Elora Centre For The Arts
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Elora, ON N0B 1S0